Cyber Law
Cyber Law are laws that apply to the use of Cyber Space. 

Naavi defines Cyber Space as the "Imaginary space consisting of binary expressions".

The "Binary Expressions" create "Electronic Documents" and the device that creates the "Cyber Space" could be called either a computer or a mobile or  by any other name.

In India, Information Technology Act 2000 as amended by Information Technology Act 2008 (ITA 2008) is the fundamental basis for Cyber Laws. 

There could be some other laws which also deal with Cyber dimensions within their domain such as the Copyright Law but the principal law that needs to be recognized as Cyber Law is the ITA 2008.

ITA 2008 has also expanded the definition of "Electronic Documents" to include documents in print form also if they are meant to be used with a computer or are generated by a Computer.

Naavi is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Laws in India and his website is considered the wikipedia of cyber laws in India. Naavi himseslf is often refered to as the Cyber Law Guru in India.

This mobile based website is a new initiative of Naavi to spread Cyber Law Awareness to the privileged mobile users who have Internet access over mobiles.

In the coming days when mobile usage for Internet browsing is likely to increase, this initiative is expected to fulfill a void in the mobile based Cyber Space.
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